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Beside watercolour, I also work on painting in oils, pastels, colour pencils, ink, chinese brush, collage, mixed media, printmaking, woodcarving, scrabble board, etc. and completed a large number of outdoor sketches and a variety of artworks. My subjects covered various themes like ornaments, still life, busy streets, rural life, waterfronts and landscapes.

horse, size medium = 240 pixels
Toys 1986 - 32x41cm - oil on canvas

salute to cezanne; small size=180 pixels wide
Salute to Cezanne 1988 - 24x36cm - watercolor pencil

cherry; thumbnail = 130 pixels wide
Cherry 1998 - 23x30cm - watercolor pencil

aku; medium size=240 pixels wide
Aku, Self portrait - 1999 - Ink on scrabble board

family; small size=180 pixels wide
Family - Ink on board

daybreakbrush; medium size = 240 pixels wide
Daybreak 1987 - color ink & brush on rice paper

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