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To me, the colonial architecture and the rustic shophouses in towns areas are fascinating subjects. I also have a special love for the traditional trades like old provision stalls, coffee shops, roadside bookstands and backlane food corners. For sentimental reasons, bicycles and tricycles/trishaws of Kuala Lumpur, Pulau Pinang and Melaka also occupy a major portion of my paintings. These vehicles carried me to and fro from school during my childhood and I treat these subjects with a sense of nostalgia.

kopitiams; large size=300 pixels wide
2 Kopitiams 1999 - 10.5x15cm each - watercolor (Private Collection)


lebuh chulia-penang, medium size = 240 pixels
Lebuh Chulia, Penang 1999 - 23x30.5cm - watercolor (Private Collection)

visiting friend; medium size=240 pixels wide
Visiting Friend 1995 - 14x19cm - Red Indian handmade paper (Private collection)

drying out, medium size = 240 pixels wide
Drying out, KL 1996 - 10x15.5cm - watercolor (Private Collection)


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